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2 December 2012 | 1 Comment » | InsightAdmin1970


As the new year is about to begin, we are assessing our needs and growing our team!  Please read the descriptions for each position carefully.  If you are interested, please visit the link below, and carefully read the information on the application page.  We want each new member that joins our INsight family to find a good fit for themselves, as well as for the team!  If you have further questions, please send an email to

Research Assistant:  This member of the team will be responsible for doing all of the background research on our investigation locations.  This is the platform we use to build our case upon, and a vital role to our team.  To be ideally suited for this position, you should be comfortable and proficient at accessing online archives, databases and other credible resources, as well as possess advanced computer skills.  This position might require visits to local government offices, libraries or other necessary locations for the purposes of gathering information. You should be proficient at composing and presenting data in a professional, accurate manner and willing to think outside the box, to find new information that might assist our clients.  This is not an investigator position.  The research assistant will not be attending investigations.

Investigator in training: We have openings for investigators in training. These positions are for on-site investigators. Please read the application page closely so that you are fully aware of what implications investigating with our team may have. Investigator positions are considered temporary until the investigator has completed team training, and has met with team management to determine the final fit is good for everyone.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please visit