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As the new year begins, we are assessing our needs and growing our team!  Please read the descriptions for each position carefully.  If you are interested, please visit the link below, and carefully read the information on the application page.  We want each new member that joins our INsight family to find a good fit for themselves, as well as for the team!  If you have further questions, please send an email to

Research Assistant:  This member of the team will be responsible for doing all of the background research on our investigation locations.  This is the platform we use to build our case upon, and a vital role to our team.  To be ideally suited for this position, you should be comfortable and proficient at accessing online archives, databases and other credible resources, as well as possess advanced computer skills.  This position might require visits to local government offices, libraries or other necessary locations for the purposes of gathering information. You should be proficient at composing and presenting data in a professional, accurate manner and willing to think outside the box, to find new information that might assist our clients.  This is not an investigator position.  The research assistant will not be attending investigations.

Evidence Analyst:  We have two openings for this position, and due to the ability of this position to be performed via the internet, are willing to consider applications outside of our immediate area.  This position requires that you have consistent broadband internet, and a computer capable of processing large data files.  It also requires that you are comfortable learning new programs, with preference given to those with experience using programs to process audio/video/photo files.  Our evidence analysts will be responsible for reviewing uploaded media files for possible evidence of paranormal phenomena.  This will require a heavy time demand and working with a deadline.  These are not investigator positions.  The Evidence Analysts will not be attending investigations.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please visit

Paranormal Unity? – May 5, 2013
We are frequently hearing the term “Paranormal Unity.” While I have great respect for the efforts of people who are hoping to promote unity in the field, I’m not sure the end result is a realistic vision. I’m not even sure we should want complete unity in the field. The term scares me a little. I don’t want everyone thinking the same way, or the creativity required to grow and extend this field to be tempered by too much effort to put us all on the same page. What I would like to see, instead, is a sense of mutual respect in the field. There’s such a sense of competition, which I don’t understand fully. I suppose people feel the need to be the first to finish, the team who finds the final answers, or the noted “expert” everyone turns to. I don’t feel that. I’m in this for answers that I need personally, and if I answer your questions in the process, all the better. The competition, however, seems to bring out the worst in so many. There’s bickering, fighting, back-stabbing and hate in general among teams that simply leaves me wondering where the adult level of maturity went. As a result, my team and I generally keep to ourselves, not out of a sense of being above anyone else in talent, experience or regard, but out of a desire to stay out of so much of the petty drama that takes place. We aren’t immune. We have put up with our fair share of people attempting to pull us in to the fray. Our policy is to remain outside of all of that, and to stay on our course. I say all of that, because I want people to understand what a genuine pleasure it is to meet teams who also find these points to be of importance. Our dear friends at Requiem Paranormal in Tulsa are people we never hesitate to work with. Over the years, they have become family, and are people we would trust with our clients without a single second of hesitation. This past weekend, we had the pleasure of investigating with members from the Chickasha Paranormal and Stephens County Apparition Research teams. I was so impressed with the level of professionalism, the nature of their members, and the hospitality they extended towards our team. It is refreshing to know we left that evening, having made new friends, and knowing we have another team in the state we can send clients to without reservation. Unity? No, I’m not sure that’s a goal I support. Mutual respect and friendship? Absolutely!

Informed Clients – February 24, 2013

A situation recently came to light, through my position as TAPS Family Manager, where a team in another state blatantly misrepresented themselves to a client.  First, my suspicion is that they aren’t nearly as experienced or knowledgeable as they portray themselves to be.  However, the issue needing my attention was the team doing what they could do to appear as though they were TAPS Family members.  They had stolen our logo, and had taken, verbatim, the verbiage from the TAPS Family site.  This was brought to our attention when a client contacted us, letting us know that through the entire investigation, they were under the understanding that the team in their home was TAPS Family.  They had been left terrified, and their case was never given closure.  Before I continue, I need to say that I am NOT saying teams are only quality if they are TAPS Family.  I always enjoy meeting and getting to know new teams, and I am SO often impressed by the caliber of teams that are out there…whether TAPS Family or not!  However, I am also often frightened by the reckless and often self-serving teams who have no concern for how the impact of their methods and “findings” will affect their client.  Please, if you’re considering inviting a team into your home, research them first!  Ask for references, ask them about follow-up care, meet them for an interview away from your home first if you would feel better doing so!  You have every right to have all of your concerns about the investigation answered before you invite them into your home.  You’re going to be making yourself very vulnerable to them, sharing your private information, your experiences, your place of business or residence, and your trust.  Please  make sure the people you are inviting in are worthy of that trust!


Busy as always, but enjoying ourselves! – February 9, 2012

It seems like the break we took over the holidays has been repaid by a non-stop schedule!  That’s fine with us, though.  If people need us, we are more than happy to be there for them!  The weather is making it interesting, with summer-like conditions one day, and icy cold the next.  Safety is always our concern, so planning ahead is sometimes a challenge when the weather is such an unpredictable factor!  We had some interesting situations this month with what can be considered frightening EVP.  We took great care in ensuring that they were presented to the client with care and education/information, and their reception of the EVP was a relief.  We always stress that EVP are open to interpretation, but we feel obligated to share what we get, so we are always mindful of the possible after-affects our investigation findings may have on clients.


Winter, here we come! – December 2, 2012

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and truly, Fall has flown by in a blink!  We have been incredibly busy with private investigations as of late, but due to a last minute cancellation, were able to have an impromptu Christmas party on Saturday!  We seldom have the time to just socialize, and seeing how some of the INsight children have grown made me realize that we need to get together far more often than we do!  In November, we were fortunate to add another solid investigator to our team.  Tim made himself at home quickly, and has been a fantastic addition to INsight!  We hope he brought his running shoes, because the only breaks it looks like we’ll be getting for awhile are the dates we blocked off to spend with our families during the holidays!

November gave us some very unique opportunities, when area educational institutions contacted us for investigations.  We were absolutely thrilled at the opportunities, and are excited about building a working relationship with the campuses involved.  It’s refreshing to see those in academia embracing our field.

October brought us some interesting investigations that we are still discussing as a team.  I always find it interesting when someone openly declares themselves to be a skeptic, and then has an experience on site during the same investigation that catches their breath and makes them really give pause for thought.  We are a very respectful team, and we do not condone provoking.  That is a steadfast, solid INsight rule.  However, one of our investigators simply mentioned his skeptic nature to the homeowner during setup, and left it at that.  A few hours later, while sitting perfectly still, his flashlight was ripped from his hand and thrown 8 feet across the room.  He is maintaining his skeptic stance, but he admits he cannot explain what happened.

September was a month that was also full of back-to-back investigations.  The summer was a little slow, which allowed us time to enjoy our families and some much needed vacation time.

June provided us with an opportunity to visit our TAPS Family teams at an annual retreat in New Hampshire.  Scott and Kristen made the trip, spending a weekend at the Spalding Inn with teams from all across the United States and Canada, and as far away as Germany!  It is always a terrific experience to be able to sit with like-minded people of similar interests, but for those people to feel like family makes the experience undeniably special.  We are looking forward to taking more INsight members with us to the 2013 annual TAPS Family Reunion!

That should about bring everyone up to speed!  We are going to be working on our website the next few weeks, so please be patient with us!  I’m changing hosting, which apparently was a bad thing to mention to GoDaddy, who turned my website off 11 days early.  They have given me December for free, and I’ll be using that time to shop around!  So, my apologies if you tried to visit us during that time!

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season!  May your blessings be many!

~Kristen – Founder – INsight Paranormal